Large Format Graphic Design for My Nursery

Exterior: The children at the nursery were aged from 1 to 7 years old, so for the exterior windows of the classrooms we used life size silhouettes of children representing each of the classes age group. The main theme was fun and play. A 1.2m high frosted vinyl strip was used throughout to ensure privacy and we also decided to cut out small shapes half way up the strip so that the children could look out. We used 6 different shapes, from a circle through to a hexagon, with the idea to aid learning. The My Nursery logo was included at various sizes al around the building.

Interior: Each classroom was named after an insect, from ladybirds through to dragonflies. For the glass door of each classroom a magnified part of the insect filled the bottom half. The name of each classroom was set in the playful rounded Helvetica and filled with the same colourful pattern.